An amalgation of my professional and personal work, including but not limited to shiny apps, software, and data visualization projects.

Computational and generative art

Radial Patterns in ggplot2

A love letter to coord_polar() masquerading as a #rstats zine, 2021


a shiny app of a short looping video of a cloudscape, 2021

Data visualizations

Vaccine Rollout in San Francisco Neighborhoods

Data visualization and analysis for Here Say Media, 2021


A #R4DS Weekly Challenge. I am a regular contributor and all of my visualization are created solely using {ggplot2} and other extension packages, 2020

COVID-19 Visualization

An infectious disease natural history primer for U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health, 2020

Shiny apps and package development

rtistry art gallery

A celebration and showcase of art in all of its forms created by the #rstats community. An entry for the RStudio 2021 Shiny Competition, 2021


An R package for creating patterns using geom_contour(), 2021